34 CFR § 668.197 - Thirty-or-fewer borrowers appeals.

§ 668.197 Thirty-or-fewer borrowers appeals.

(a) Eligibility. You may appeal a notice of a loss of eligibility under § 668.187 if 30 or fewer borrowers, in total, are included in the 3 most recent cohorts of borrowers used to calculate your cohort default rates.

(b) Deadline for submitting an appeal.

(1) Before notifying you of your official cohort default rate, we make an initial determination about whether you qualify for a thirty-or-fewer borrowers appeal. If we determine that you qualify, we notify you of that determination at the same time that we notify you of your official cohort default rate.

(2) If you disagree with our initial determination, you must send us your thirty-or-fewer borrowers appeal, including all supporting documentation, within 30 days after you receive the notice of your loss of eligibility.

(c) Determination. You do not lose eligibility under § 668.187 if we determine that you meet the requirements for a thirty-or-fewer borrowers appeal.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 1845-0022)
(Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1082, 1085, 1094, 1099c)