36 CFR § 1008.23 - Petitions for amendment: Action on appeals.

§ 1008.23 Petitions for amendment: Action on appeals.

(a) Authority. Appeals from decisions on initial petitions for amendment shall be decided by the Executive Director, in consultation with the General Counsel.

(b) Time limit.

(1) A final determination on any appeal shall be made within 30 working days after receipt of the appeal.

(2) The 30 working day period for decision on an appeal may be extended, for good cause shown, by the Executive Director. If the 30 working day period is extended, the individual submitting the appeal shall be notified of the extension and of the date on which a determination on the appeal is expected to be dispatched.

(c) Form of decision.

(1) The final determination on an appeal shall be in writing and shall state the basis for the determination.

(2) If the determination upholds, in whole or part, the initial decision rejecting the petition for amendment, the determination shall also advise the individual submitting the appeal:

(i) Of his or her right to file a concise statement of the reasons for disagreeing with the decision of the Presidio Trust;

(ii) Of the procedure established by § 1008.24 for the filing of the statement of disagreement;

(iii) That the statement which is filed will be made available to anyone to whom the record is subsequently disclosed together with, at the discretion of the Presidio Trust, a brief statement by the Presidio Trust summarizing its reasons for refusing to amend the record;

(iv) That prior recipients of the challenged record will be provided a copy of any statement of dispute to the extent that an accounting of disclosure was maintained; and

(v) Of his or her right to seek judicial review of the Presidio Trust's refusal to amend the record.

(3) If the determination reverses, in whole or in part, the initial decision rejecting the petition for amendment, the system manager responsible for the system containing the challenged record shall be directed to:

(i) Amend the challenged record accordingly; and

(ii) If an accounting of disclosures has been made, advise all previous recipients of the record of the amendment and its substance.

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