36 CFR § 1008.24 - Statements of disagreement.

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§ 1008.24 Statements of disagreement.

(a) Filing of statement. If the determination of the Executive Director under § 1008.23 rejects in whole or part, a petition for amendment, the individual submitting the petition may file with the Privacy Act Officer a concise written statement setting forth the reasons for disagreement with the determination of the Presidio Trust.

(b) Disclosure of statements. In any disclosure of a record containing information about which an individual has filed a statement of disagreement under this section which occurs after the filing of the statement, the disputed portion of the record will be clearly noted and the recipient shall be provided copies of the statement of disagreement. If appropriate, a concise statement of the reasons of the Presidio Trust for not making the requested amendments may also be provided to the recipient.

(c) Maintenance of statements. System managers shall develop procedures to assure that statements of disagreement filed with them shall be maintained in such a way as to assure dissemination of the statements to recipients of the records to which the statements pertain.

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