36 CFR § 1251.20 - Are there any fees associated with producing records or providing testimony?

§ 1251.20 Are there any fees associated with producing records or providing testimony?

(a) Generally. The General Counsel may condition the production of records or appearance for testimony upon advance payment of a reasonable estimate of the costs to NARA.

(b) Fees for records. Fees for producing records include fees for searching, reviewing, and duplicating records, costs of attorney time spent in reviewing the demand or request, and expenses generated by materials and equipment used to search for, produce, and copy the responsive information. Costs for employee time are calculated on the basis of the hourly pay of the employee (including all pay, allowance, and benefits). Fees for duplication are the same as those charged by NARA in part 1258 of this title.

(c) Witness fees. Fees for attendance by a witness include fees, expenses, and allowances prescribed by the court's rules. If no such fees are prescribed, witness fees are determined based upon the rule of the Federal district court closest to the location where the witness appears.

(d) Payment of fees.

(1) Witness fees for current NARA employees must be submitted to the General Counsel and made payable to the Treasury of the United States.

(2) Fees for the production of records, including records certification fees, must be submitted to the official who makes the final determination on demands for the production of records, as described in § 1251.14, and made payable to the National Archives Trust Fund (NATF).

(3) Applicable fees paid to former NARA employees providing testimony should be paid directly to the former employee in accordance with 28 U.S.C. 1821 or other applicable statutes.

(e) Certification (authentication) of copies of records. NARA may certify that records are true copies in order to facilitate their use as evidence. Request certified copies from NARA at least 45 days before the date they are needed. We charge a certification fee for each document certified.

(f) Waiver or reduction of fees. The General Counsel, in his or her sole discretion, may, upon a showing of good cause, waive or reduce any fees in connection with the testimony, production, or certification of records.

(g) De minimis fees. Fees are not assessed if the total charge is $10.00 or less, or as otherwise stated in NARA policy.