36 CFR § 1254.70 - How may I make my own copies of documents?

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§ 1254.70 How may I make my own copies of documents?

(a) Self-service copiers are available in some of our facilities. Contact the appropriate facility to ask about availability before you visit.

(b) In the Washington, DC, area, self-service card-operated copiers are located in research rooms. Other copiers we set aside for use by reservation are located in designated research areas. Procedures for use are outlined in §§ 1254.80 through 1254.84 of this subpart.

(c) You may use NARA self-service copiers where available after the research room attendant reviews the documents to determine their suitability for copying. The appropriate supervisor or the senior archivist on duty in the research room reviews the determination of suitability if you request.

(d) We may impose time limits on using self-service copiers if others are waiting to use them.

(e) In some of our facilities, you may use your own scanner or personal paper-to-paper copier to copy textual materials if the equipment meets our standards cited in §§ 1254.80 and 1254.86. Contact the appropriate facility for additional details before you visit.

(f) You must follow our document handling instructions in §§ 1254.36 and 1254.72. You also must follow our microfilm handling instructions in § 1254.42.

(g) You may use a hand-held camera with no flash or a cell phone camera to take pictures of documents only if you have the permission of the research room attendant.

(h) You may not use a self-service copier or personal scanner to copy some special media records. If you wish to copy motion pictures, maps and architectural drawings, or aerial photographic film, the appropriate staff can advise you on how to order copies. If you wish to obtain copies of electronic records files, the appropriate staff will assist you.