36 CFR 13.184 - Permit application.

§ 13.184 Permit application.

In order to obtain or renew a permit, a person shall submit an application. In the case of an application to renew a permit issued pursuant to this section and § 13.186, if no circumstance relating to the permittee's occupancy and use of the structure has changed in the interim, applicable material submitted by the permittee to satisfy the original application requirements is considered sufficient and need not be resubmitted. The following information is required to be included in a permit application:

(a) An explanation of the applicant's need for the temporary facility, including a description of the applicant's hunting and fishing activities relevant to his or her need for the facility;

(b) A diagram, sketch or photograph of the temporary facility;

(c) A map that shows the geographic location of the temporary facility; and

(d) A description of both the past use (if any) and the desired use of the temporary facility, including a schedule for its projected use and removal. All information may be provided orally except the diagram, sketch or photograph of the facility and the map.