36 CFR 13.186 - Permit issuance.

§ 13.186 Permit issuance.

(a) In making a decision on a permit application, the Superintendent shall determine whether a temporary facility is “directly and necessarily related to” the applicant's legitimate hunting and fishing activities by examining the applicant's particular circumstances, including, but not limited to his or her reasonable need for a temporary facility and any reasonable alternatives available that are consistent with the applicant's needs. The Superintendent shall also consider whether the proposed use would constitute an expansion of existing facilities or use and would be detrimental to the purposes for which the national preserve was established. If the Superintendent finds that the proposed use would either constitute an expansion above existing levels or be detrimental to the purposes of the preserve, he/she shall deny the permit. The Superintendent may authorize the replacement or relocation within the national preserve of an existing temporary facility or structure.

(b) The Superintendent shall deny an application for a proposed use that would exceed a ceiling or allocation established pursuant to the national preserve's General Management Plan.

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