36 CFR § 2.14 - Sanitation and refuse.

§ 2.14 Sanitation and refuse.

(a) The following are prohibited:

(1) Disposing of refuse in other than refuse receptacles.

(2) Using government refuse receptacles or other refuse facilities for dumping household, commercial, or industrial refuse, brought as such from private or municipal property, except in accordance with conditions established by the superintendent.

(3) Depositing refuse in the plumbing fixtures or vaults of a toilet facility.

(4) Draining refuse from a trailer or other vehicle, except in facilities provided for such purpose.

(5) Bathing, or washing food, clothing, dishes, or other property at public water outlets, fixtures or pools, except at those designated for such purpose.

(6) Polluting or contaminating park area waters or water courses.

(7) Disposing of fish remains on land, or in waters within 200 feet of boat docks or designated swimming beaches, or within developed areas, except as otherwise designated.

(8) In developed areas, the disposal of human body waste, except at designated locations or in fixtures provided for that purpose.

(9) In nondeveloped areas, the disposal of human body waste within 100 feet of a water source, high water mark of a body of water, or a campsite, or within sight of a trail, except as otherwise designated.

(b) The superintendent may establish conditions concerning the disposal, containerization, or carryout of human body waste. Violation of these conditions is prohibited.