36 CFR § 228.62 - Free use.

§ 228.62 Free use.

(a) Application. An application for a free-use permit must be made with the appropriate District Ranger's office.

(b) Term. Permits may be issued for periods not to exceed 1 year and will terminate on the expiration date unless extended by the authorized officer as in § 228.53(b). However, the authorized officer may issue permits to any local, State, Federal, or Territorial agency, unit or subdivision, including municipalities and county road districts, for periods up to 10 years.

(c) Removal by agent. A free-use permittee may extract the mineral materials through a designated agent provided that the conditions of the permit are not violated. No part of the material may be used as payment for the services of an agent in obtaining or processing the material. A permit may be issued in the name of a designated agent for those entities listed in § 228.62(d)(1), at the discretion of the authorized officer, provided there is binding agreement in which the entity retains responsibility for ensuring compliance with the conditions of the permit.

(d) Conditions. Free-use permits may be issued for mineral materials to settlers, miners, residents, and prospectors for uses other than commercial purposes, resale, or barter (16 U.S.C. 477). Free-use permits may be issued to local, State, Federal, or Territorial agencies, units, or subdivisions, including municipalities, or any association or corporation not organized for profit, for other than commercial or industrial purposes or resale (30 U.S.C. 601). Free-use permits may not be issued when, in the judgment of the authorized officer, the applicant owns or controls an adequate supply of mineral material in the area of demand. The free-use permit, issued on a Forest Service-approved form, must include the basis for the free-use as well as the provisions governing the selection, removal, and use of the mineral materials. No mineral material may be removed until the permit is issued. The permittee must notify the authorized officer upon completion of mineral material removal. The permittee must complete the reclamation prescribed in the operating plan (§ 228.56).

(1) A free-use permit may be issued to any local, State, Federal, or Territorial agency, unit, or subdivision, including municipalities and county road districts, without limitation on the number of permits or on the value of the mineral materials to be extracted or removed.

(2) A free-use permit issued to a nonprofit association, corporation, or individual may not provide for the removal of mineral materials having a volume exceeding 5,000 cubic yards (or weight equivalent) during any period of 12 consecutive months.

(e) Petrified wood. A free-use permit may be issued to amateur collectors and scientists to take limited quantities of petrified wood for personal use. The material taken may not be bartered or sold. Free-use areas may be designated within which a permit may not be required. Removal of material from such areas must be in accord with rules issued by the authorized officer and posted on the area. Such rules must also be posted in the District Ranger's and Forest Supervisor's offices and be available upon request. The rules may vary by area depending on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the material and the demand for it.