36 CFR § 291.14 - Application process.

§ 291.14 Application process.

Applicants for permits must provide the following records and information to the Authorized Officer in support of an application.

(a) The name, titles, academic or professional affiliations, and business contact information of the applicant and all persons who would be named on the permit;

(b) The applicant's current resume, curriculum vita, or other documents that support an applicant's qualifications;

(c) A detailed scope of work or research plan for the proposed activity. This must include maps, field methods, associated records, estimated time and duration of field season, proposed field party size, and specific information regarding storage, stabilization, and curatorial arrangements for collected specimens and data;

(d) Information regarding previous or currently held Federal paleontological permits including the issuing agency, permit number, and name of the Authorized Officer;

(e) Identification of a proposed repository for collected specimens, including written verification that the proposed repository agrees to receive the collection of paleontological resources and associated records and acknowledges that all costs will be borne by the applicant and/or approved repository, unless otherwise addressed in a separate written document; and

(f) Other records or information identified by the Authorized Officer as necessary to support an application for a permit.