36 CFR § 407.4 - Procedures for acquiring access to ABMC records pertaining to an individual.

§ 407.4 Procedures for acquiring access to ABMC records pertaining to an individual.

The following procedures apply to records that are contained in an ABMC system:

(a) You may request to be notified if a system of records that you name contains records pertaining to you, and to review any such records, by writing to the Office of the General Counsel (see § 407.3). You also may call the Office of the General Counsel at (703) 696-6902 on business days, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., to schedule an appointment to make such a request in person. A request for records should be presented in writing and should identify specifically the ABMC system(s) involved. Your request to access records pertaining to you will be treated as a request under both the Privacy Act, as implemented by this part, and the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552), as implemented by part 404 of this title (36 CFR 404.1 through 404.10).

(b) Access to the records, or to any other information pertaining to you that is contained in the system, shall be provided if the identification requirements of § 407.5 are satisfied and the records are determined otherwise to be releasable under the Privacy Act and these regulations. ABMC shall provide you an opportunity to have a copy made of any such records about you. Only one copy of each requested record will be supplied, based on the fee schedule in § 407.8.

(c) ABMC will comply promptly with requests made in person at scheduled appointments, if the requirements of this section are met and the records sought are immediately available. ABMC will acknowledge, within 10 business days, mailed requests or personal requests for records that are not immediately available, and the information requested will be provided promptly thereafter.

(d) If you make your request in person at a scheduled appointment, you may, upon your request, be accompanied by a person of your choice to review your records. ABMC may require that you furnish a written statement authorizing discussion of your records in the accompanying person's presence. A record may be disclosed to a representative chosen by you upon your proper written consent.

(e) Medical or psychological records pertaining to you shall be disclosed to you unless, in the judgment of ABMC, access to such records might have an adverse effect upon you. When such a determination has been made, ABMC may refuse to disclose such information directly to you. ABMC will, however, disclose this information to you through a licensed physician designated by you in writing.

(f) If you are unsatisfied with an adverse determination on your request to access records pertaining to you, you may appeal that determination using the procedures set forth in § 407.7(a).

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