36 CFR § 6.11 - Appeals.

§ 6.11 Appeals.

(a) An applicant aggrieved by a decision of the Regional Director with regard to a permit request under this part may appeal, in writing, to the Director for reconsideration. The aggrieved applicant must file the appeal with the Director within 45 calendar days of notification to the applicant of the decision complained of. The appeal must set forth in detail the respects to which the decision of the Regional Director is contrary to, or in conflict with, the facts, the law, this part, or is otherwise in error.


(1) Within 45 calendar days after receiving the written appeal of the aggrieved applicant, the Director will make a decision in writing. The Director's decision will include:

(i) A statement of facts;

(ii) A statement of conclusions; and

(iii) an explanation of the reasons upon which the conclusions are based.

(2) The decision of the Director will constitute the final administrative action of the National Park Service.