36 CFR § 7.18 - Hot Springs National Park.

§ 7.18 Hot Springs National Park.

(a)Commercial Vehicles.Permits shall be required for the operation of commercial passenger- carrying vehicles, including taxicabs, carrying passengers for hire over park roads for sightseeing purposes. The fees for such permits shall be as follows:

(1) Fleet operator; equipment that includes any combination of commercial passenger-carrying vehicles, including taxicabs. Calendar-year permit - $25.

(2) Bus operator; equipment limited to a single bus-type vehicle with passenger-carrying seat capacity in excess of eight persons. Calendar-year permit - $20.

(3) Taxicab operator; equipment limited to a single vehicle with a capacity of not over eight passenger-carrying seats. Calendar-year permit - $12.

(4) The fees for permits issued for commercial passenger-carrying vehicle operations starting on or after July 1 of each calendar year will be one-half of the respective rates mentioned in paragraphs (a)(1), (2), and (3) of this section.

(b)Use of water. The taking or carrying away of water, hot or cold, from any of the springs, fountains, or other sources of supply in Hot Springs National Park for the purpose of sale, or for any use other than personal drinking, is prohibited.

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