36 CFR § 7.33 - Voyageurs National Park.

§ 7.33 Voyageurs National Park.

(a) Fishing. Unless otherwise designated, fishing in a manner authorized under applicable State law is allowed.

(b) Snowmobiles.

(1) The following lakes and trails within Voyageurs National Park are open to snowmobile use:

(i) The frozen waters of Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, Mukooda, Little Trout and Sand Point Lakes.

(ii) The Moose River Railroad Grade from the park boundary north to Ash River, and then east to Moose Bay, Namakan Lake.

(iii) The portage trail between Grassy Bay and Little Trout Lake.

(iv) The Chain of Lakes Trail from its intersection with the Black Bay to Moose Bay portage, across Locator, War Club, Quill, Loiten, and Shoepack Lakes, to Kabetogama Lake.

(2) Snowmobile use is allowed across the following marked safety portages: Black Bay to Moose Bay, Lost Bay to Saginaw Bay, Laurins Bay to Kettle Falls, Squirrel Narrows, Squaw Narrows, Grassy Bay, Namakan Narrows, Swansons Bay, Mukooda Lake to Sand Point Lake (north), Mukooda Lake to Sand Point Lake (south), Mukooda Lake to Crane Lake, Tar Point, Kohler Bay, and Sullivan Bay to Kabetogama Lake.

(3) The Superintendent may determine yearly opening and closing dates for snowmobile use, and temporarily close trails or lake surfaces, taking into consideration public safety, wildlife management, weather, and park management objectives.

(4) Maps showing the designated routes are available at park headquarters and at ranger stations.

(5) Snowmobile use outside open designated routes and lake surfaces is prohibited.

(c) Aircraft.

(1) Aircraft may be operated on the entire water surface and frozen lake surface of the following lakes, except as restricted in paragrah (c)(4) of this section and § 2.17 of this chapter: Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan, Sand Point, Locator, War Club, Quill, Loiten, Shoepack, Little Trout and Mukooda.

(2) Approaches, landings and take-offs shall not be made within 500 feet of any developed facility, boat dock, float, pier, ramp or beach.

(3) Aircraft may taxi to and from a dock or ramp designated for their use for the purpose of mooring and must be operated with due care and regard for persons and property and in accordance with any posted signs or waterway markers.

(4) Areas within the designated lakes may be closed to aircraft use by the Superintendent taking into consideration public safety, wildlife management, weather and park management objectives.

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