36 CFR 7.54 - Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

§ 7.54 Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


(1) Designated routes open to snowmobile use are the portions of the Little Missouri River which contain the main river channel as it passes through both units of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Ingress and egress to and from the designated route must be made from outside the boundaries of the park. There are no designated access points to the route within the park.

(2) The superintendent shall determine the opening and closing dates for the use of designated snowmobile routes each year, taking into consideration snow, weather and river conditions. He shall notify the public by posting of appropriate signs at the main entrance to both units of the park. The superintendent may, by the posting of appropriate signs, require persons to register or obtain a permit before operating any snowmobiles within the park. The operation of snowmobiles shall be in accordance with State laws in addition to the National Park Service regulations.

(b) [Reserved]

[ 49 FR 34479, Aug. 31, 1984]