36 CFR § 7.73 - Buck Island Reef National Monument.

§ 7.73 Buck Island Reef National Monument.

(a) Extractive uses. All extractive uses are prohibited within the boundaries of the Monument, including but not limited to harvest or collection (on the land or in the water) of fish for any use, marine mammals, coastal migratory pelagic fish, baitfish, lobsters, conch, whelk, hermit crabs (soldier crabs), seashells, corals, dead coral, sea fans, sponges and all associated reef invertebrates, plants, fruits and seeds, firewood, driftwood, rocks, sand, gas, oil, and minerals.

(b) Marine operations. No dredging, excavating or filling operations of any kind are permitted, and no equipment, structures, byproducts or excavated materials associated with such operations may be deposited in or on the waters or ashore within the boundaries of the Monument.

(c) Wrecks. No person shall destroy molest, remove, deface, displace or tamper with wrecked or abandoned waterborne craft of any type or condition, or any cargo pertaining thereto, unless permitted in writing by an authorized official of the National Park Service.

(d) Boats.

(1) No watercraft shall operate in such a manner, nor shall anchors or any other mooring device be cast or dragged or placed, so as to strike or otherwise cause damage to any underwater features.

(2) Anchoring or maneuvering watercraft within the waters that contain underwater marked swimming trails and interpretive signs is prohibited.

(3) Anchoring is prohibited except by permit issued by the Superintendent for deep sand bottom areas or for administrative purposes.

(4) Anchoring will be allowed in emergency situations only to protect life and property.

(5) All watercraft, carrying passengers, for hire, shall comply with applicable regulations and laws of the U.S. Coast Guard and Territory of the Virgin Islands.

(e) Fishing.

(1) All forms of fishing are prohibited including, but not limited to, spearfishing, rod and reel, hand-line, nets, gill or trammel, traps or pots, snares, hooks, poison, cast nets, trawl, seine, and long-line.

(2) The use or possession of any type of fishing equipment or any of the items listed in paragraph (a) of this section is prohibited within the boundaries of the Monument.

[29 FR 17091, Dec. 15, 1964, as amended at 48 FR 30295, June 30, 1983; 68 FR 16435, Apr. 4, 2003]