36 CFR § 7.74 - Virgin Islands National Park.

§ 7.74 Virgin Islands National Park.

(a) [Reserved]

(b) Marine operations. No dredging, excavating or filling operations of any kind are permitted, and no equipment, structures, byproducts or excavated materials associated with such operations may be deposited in or on the waters or ashore within the boundaries of the Park.

(c) Wrecks. No person shall destroy, molest, remove, deface, displace or tamper with wrecked or abandoned waterborne craft of any type or condition, or any cargo pertaining thereto unless permitted in writing by an authorized official of the National Park Service.

(d) Boats.

(1) No watercraft shall be operated in such a manner, nor shall anchors or any other mooring device be cast or dragged or placed, so as to strike or otherwise cause damage to any underwater features.

(2) Anchoring or maneuvering watercraft within the waters that contain underwater marked swimming trails and interpretive signs is prohibited.

(3) Vessels desiring to enter Trunk Bay must enter and depart between the two outer buoys delineating the prescribed anchorage area, and shall anchor within described area, and no other, making sure the vessel will lie within this area regardless of wind or sea conditions: Except, that hand-propelled craft may be used to transport passengers and equipment between the anchorage area and the beach.

(4) All vessels carrying passengers for hire shall comply with applicable laws and regulations of the United States Coast Guard and Territory of the Virgin Islands.

(e) Fishing.

(1) Taking of fishes or any other marine life in any way except with rod or line, the rod or line being held in the hand, is prohibited: Provided, That fish may be taken by pots or traps of conventional Virgin Islands design and not larger than five feet at the greatest dimension, and bait fish may be taken by nets of no greater overall length than 20 feet and of mesh not larger than 1 inch stretched: Provided further, That paragraphs (e) (3), (4), and (5) of this section shall apply.

(2) The use or possession of any type of spearfishing equipment within the boundaries of the park is prohibited.

(3) The species of crustaceans known as Florida Spiny Lobster (Panulirus argus) may be taken by hand or hand-held hook. No person shall take female lobsters with eggs; or take more than two lobsters per person per day; or have in possession more than two days' limit: Provided, That paragraph (e)(5) of this section shall apply.

(4) Species of mollusks commonly known as whelks and conchs may be taken by hand. No person shall take more than two conchs or one gallon of whelks, or both, per day, or have in possession more than two days' limit: Provided, That paragraph (e)(5) of this section shall apply.

(5) All known means of taking fish, crustaceans, mollusks, turtles, or other marine life are prohibited in Trunk Bay and in other waters containing underwater signs and markers.

[29 FR 17091, Dec. 15, 1964, as amended at 48 FR 30296, June 30, 1983]