36 CFR § 7.89 - New River Gorge National River.

§ 7.89 New River Gorge National River.

(a) Hunting -

(1) May I hunt within New River Gorge National River? Yes, you may hunt if you:

(i) Possess a valid West Virginia State hunting license or permit, or are exempt under provisions of West Virginia law.

(ii) Comply with the hunting seasons, harvest limits, and any other conditions established by the State of West Virginia.

(iii) Do not violate any closures or limitations established by the Superintendent for reasons of public safety, resource protection, or other management considerations.

(2) Do West Virginia state hunting laws apply within New River Gorge National River? Yes, non-conflicting State hunting laws are adopted as part of the regulations in this section and apply within New River Gorge National River.

(b) Bicycling.

(1) Where may I ride a bicycle within New River Gorge National River? Bicycle use is allowed:

(i) On park roads and in parking areas; and

(ii) On administrative roads and trails authorized for bicycle use as listed in the following table.

Administrative Roads and Trails Authorized for Bicycle Use - North to South
Hawks Nest Connector Trail
Fayetteville Trail
Park Loop Trail
Timber Ridge Trail
Kaymoor Trail
Craig Branch Trail
Arrowhead Trail
Long Point Trail (except 0.2 miles closest to Long Point Vista)
Keeneys Creek Rail Trail
Headhouse Trail
Tipple Trail
Seldom Seen Trail
Nuttallburg Town Loop Connector Trail
Brooklyn Mine Trail
Brooklyn Miner's Connector Trail
Southside Trail
Rend Trail
Stone Cliff Trail
Terry Top Trail
Garden Ground Stacked Loop Trail
Little Laurel Trail
Mud Turn Trail
Glade Creek Trail
Panther Branch Connector Trail

(2) How will I know where these administrative roads and trails are located in the park? The administrative roads and trails where bicycle use is authorized are identified on maps located in the Superintendent's office, at park visitor centers, at interpretive kiosks, and on the park's Web site. Additional information about bicycling will also be posted at appropriate trailheads and other locations.

(3) What requirements must I meet to ride a bicycle within New River Gorge National River? (i) In addition to the applicable provisions in 36 CFR part 4, all bicyclists must yield to other trail users in the following manner:

(A) A bicyclist must yield to an equestrian;

(B) A bicyclist must yield to a pedestrian; and

(C) A bicyclist travelling downhill must yield to a bicyclist travelling uphill.

(ii) Yielding the right of way requires slowing down to a safe speed, being prepared to stop, establishing communication, and passing safely.

(iii) Failure to yield is prohibited.

(4) How will the Superintendent manage bicycle use where it is authorized? The Superintendent may close park and administrative roads, parking areas and trails, or portions thereof, reopen the same, or impose conditions or restrictions for bicycle use after taking into consideration public health and safety, natural and cultural resource protection, and other management activities and objectives.

(i) The Superintendent will provide public notice of all such actions through one or more of the methods listed in § 1.7 of this chapter.

(ii) Violating a closure, condition, or restriction is prohibited.

[68 FR 55317, Sept. 25, 2003, as amended at 78 FR 73097, Dec. 5, 2013]