36 CFR § 7.90 - Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.

§ 7.90 Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area.


(1)Where may I ride a bicycle within Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area? The following routes are designated for bicycle use:

(i) The approximately 500-foot-long segment of paved multi-use trail along the Chattahoochee River located within the boundary of the Vickery Creek unit.

(ii) The approximately 2.2-mile-long multi-use trail in the Johnson Ferry South unit that connects to the bridge underpass at Johnson Ferry Road.

(iii) The approximately 6.7-mile-long loop-style multi-use trail in the Cochran Shoals unit.

(2)Will the routes be identified on the ground? Yes, the three trails will be posted at trail junctions indicating they are open to bicycle use.

(3)Where can I find maps depicting routes designated for bicycle use? Maps depicting designated bicycle routes are available in the office of the Superintendent and online at www.nps.gov/chat/planyourvisit/bike-maps.htm.

(4)How will the Superintendent manage the designated bicycle routes? (i) The Superintendent may open or close designated bicycle routes, or portions thereof, or impose conditions or restrictions for bicycle use after taking into consideration public health and safety, natural and cultural resource protection, carrying capacity and other management activities and objectives.

(ii) Following a rain event, the Superintendent may exercise discretion to temporarily close the trails in the Johnson Ferry South and Cochran Shoals units to mitigate soil erosion and water quality impacts from bicycle use.

(iii) The Superintendent will provide public notice of all such actions through one or more of the methods listed in § 1.7 of this chapter.

(iv) Violating a closure, condition, or restriction is prohibited.

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[78 FR 14450, Mar. 6, 2013]