36 CFR § 7.94 - Bryce Canyon National Park.

§ 7.94 Bryce Canyon National Park.

(a) The Superintendent may designate for bicycle use routes or portions of routes on the following sections of the park's multi-use recreational path:

(1) A section between the park boundary near Bryce Canyon City and Inspiration Point parking area (approximately 3.9 miles);

(2) A section between the intersection of Bryce Point road and Inspiration Point road, and a trailhead near Bryce Point parking area (approximately 2.3 miles).

(b) The Superintendent will provide notice of all bicycle route designations through one or more of the methods listed in § 1.7 of this chapter, and place the designations on maps that are available in the office of the Superintendent and other places convenient to the public.

(c) The Superintendent may open or close designated bicycle routes, or portions thereof, or establish conditions or restrictions for bicycle use after considering public health and safety, natural and cultural resource protection, carrying capacity, and other management activities and objectives.

(1) The Superintendent will provide public notice of all such actions through one or more of the methods listed in § 1.7 of this chapter.

(2) Violating a closure, condition, or restriction is prohibited.

[80 FR 24212, Apr. 30, 2015]