36 CFR § 7.95 - Pea Ridge National Military Park.

§ 7.95 Pea Ridge National Military Park.

(a) Bicycle use.

(1) The Superintendent may designate all or portions of the following trails as open to bicycle use:

(i) A trail from U.S. Highway 62 to the visitor center (approximately 0.55 miles).

(ii) A trail from Arkansas Highway 72 to the Sugar Creek Greenway on the western edge of the park (approximately 1.17 miles).

(2) A map showing trails open to bicycle use will be available at park visitor centers and posted on the park website. The Superintendent will provide notice of all bicycle route designations in accordance with § 1.7 of this chapter. The Superintendent may limit, restrict, or impose conditions on bicycle use, or close any trail to bicycle use, or terminate such conditions, closures, limits, or restrictions in accordance with § 4.30 of this chapter.

(b) [Reserved]

[83 FR 48380, Sept. 25, 2018]