36 CFR § 71.10 - Special recreation permits and special recreation permit fees.

§ 71.10 Special recreation permits and special recreation permit fees.

(a) Special recreation permits may be required in accordance with procedures established by the administering bureaus for specialized recreation uses, such as, but not limited to, group activities, recreation events, and the use of motorized recreation vehicles. In any instance where such a permit is required, the following conditions must be satisfied:

(1) The use complies with pertinent State and Federal laws and regulations on public health, safety, air quality, and water quality;

(2) The use will not adversely impact archeological, historic or primitive values and is not in conflict with existing resource management programs and objectives;

(3) The necessary clean-up and restoration is made for any damage to resources or facilities; and

(4) The use is restricted, to the extent practicable, to an area where minimal impact is imposed on the environmental, cultural or natural resource values.

(b) Fees for special recreation permits shall be established by all outdoor recreation bureaus of the Department of the Interior issuing such permits in accordance with the following criteria:

(1) The direct and indirect cost to the Government;

(2) The benefit to the recipient;

(3) The public policy or interest served;

(4) The comparable recreation fees charged by other Federal and non-Federal public agencies within the service area of the management unit at which the fee is charged;

(5) The economic and administrative feasibility of fee collection; and

(6) Other pertinent factors.