36 CFR § 9.192 - Can I appeal the Regional Director's decision?

§ 9.192 Can I appeal the Regional Director's decision?

(a) If the Regional Director affirms or modifies his or her original decision after you file a request for reconsideration, you may file an appeal with the NPS Director within 60 calendar days after your receipt of the Regional Director's decision under § 9.191.

(b) Your appeal must include a statement of exceptions specifying your specific disagreements with the Regional Director's final decision. If you do not file your appeal within 60 calendar days, your appeal will be dismissed as untimely.

(c) If you timely file your statement of exceptions, the Regional Director will forward his or her decision and the record for the appeal to the NPS Director. The record will consist of all documents and materials considered by NPS that are related to the matter appealed. The Regional Director will maintain that record under separate cover and will certify that the decision was based on that record. The Regional Director will make a copy of the record available to you at your request.

(d) If, upon review, the NPS Director considers the record inadequate, the NPS Director may require additional documentation or information, or may remand the matter to the Regional Director with instructions for further action.

(e) Within 45 calendar days from the date the NPS Director receives your statement of exceptions, the Director will issue a written decision. If the Director requires more than 45 calendar days to reach a decision, the Director will notify you and specify the reasons for the delay. The Director's written decision will include:

(1) A statement of facts;

(2) A statement of conclusions; and

(3) An explanation of the basis for the decision.

(f) No NPS decision under these regulations that is subject to appeal to the Director, or the Regional Director pursuant to § 9.194, will be considered final agency action subject to judicial review under 5 U.S.C. 704 unless the appropriate official has rendered a decision on the matter. That decision will constitute NPS's final agency action, and no further appeal will lie in the Department from that decision.