36 CFR § 9.3 - Access permits.

§ 9.3 Access permits.

(a) All special use or other permits dealing with access to and from claims within any unit are automatically revoked 120 days after January 26, 1977. All operators seeking new or continued access to and from a claim after that date must file for new access permits in accordance with these regulations, unless access to a mining claim is by pack animal or foot. (See § 9.7 for restrictions on assessment work and § 9.9(d) and § 9.10(g) for extensions of permits.)

(b) Prior to the issuance of a permit for access to any claim or claims, the operator must file with the Superintendent a plan of operations pursuant to § 9.9. No permit shall be issued until the plan of operations has been approved in accordance with § 9.10.

(c) No access to claims outside a unit will be permitted across unit lands unless such access is by foot, pack animal, or designated road. Persons using such roads for access to such claims must comply with the terms of § 9.15 where applicable.

(d) In units of the National Park System in Alaska, regulations at 43 CFR part 36 govern access to claims, and the provisions of 36 CFR 9.3 (a), (b) and (c) are inapplicable.

[42 FR 4835, Jan. 26, 1977, as amended at 53 FR 25162, July 5, 1988]