36 CFR § 9.88 - What additional information must be included if I am proposing drilling operations?

§ 9.88 What additional information must be included if I am proposing drilling operations?

If you are proposing to drill a well, you must submit the following additional information:

(a) Well-pad construction plans, including dimensions and cross sections of: cut and fill areas and excavations for ditches, sumps, and spill control equipment or structures, including lined areas;

(b) Drill-rig and equipment layout plans, including rig components, fuel tanks, testing equipment, support facilities, storage areas, and all other well-site equipment and facilities;

(c) The drilling program, including hole size for each section and the directional program, if applicable;

(d) Proposed drilling depth and the estimated depths and names of usable water, brine, hydrocarbon, geothermal, or other mineral-bearing zones;

(e) The type and characteristics of the proposed mud systems;

(f) The casing program, including the size, grade, weight, and setting depth of each string;

(g) The cementing program, including downhole location of any stage equipment, cement types, volumes, and additives to be used, and a description of pressure tests and cement verification techniques used that will be run to evaluate cement placement and integrity;

(h) The minimum specifications for pressure control equipment function, and pressure testing frequency, and the blowout preventer stack arrangement;

(i) The proposed logging, coring, and testing programs;

(j) The completion program, including completion type (open-hole, perforated, slotted liner, etc.), any proposed stimulation techniques, and procedures, including considerations for well control; and

(k) A description of the equipment, materials, and procedures for well plugging, including plug depths, plug types, and minimum mud weight.