36 CFR § 910.11 - Comprehensive urban planning and design.

§ 910.11 Comprehensive urban planning and design.

(a) All new development is conceived as an integral part of its surroundings, which include the remainder of the Development Area, the Mall, the Federal Triangle, and the District's downtown, and should support Pennsylvania Avenue's function as a bridge between the monumental Federal core to the south and the District's downtown to the north.

(b) All development shall be planned and designed to accommodate the requirements and needs of historic preservation, affirmative action, business relocation, and other concerns which will affect the overall planning and design of a development.

(c) The design of any development shall take into account the Plan's proposed future treatment of buildings, squares, and pedestrian spaces in the immediate surrounding area.

(d) The design of any development shall be coordinated with the massing, architectural design, servicing, pedestrian amenities, and uses of nearby development as prescribed under the Plan.

(e) Any development adjacent to F Street, NW. shall be accomplished in a manner that will strengthen F Street as a retail core of Washington, DC.

(f) Any development along Pennsylvania Avenue shall be designed so as to support the transformation of the Avenue into an attractive and pleasant place for residents and visitors alike, offering pleasant places to stroll, rest, sit and talk, eat, and shop.

(g) All development within a coordinated planning area shall, to the maximum extent possible, be integrated with regard to the off-street loading and servicing, pedestrian features.

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