36 CFR Appendix C to Part 79 - Example of a Short-Term Loan Agreement for a Federally-Owned Collection

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Appendix C to Part 79 - Example of a Short-Term Loan Agreement for a Federally-Owned Collection
(Name of the Repository)
(Name of the Borrower)

The (name of the Repository), hereinafter called the Repository, agrees to loan to (name of the Borrower), hereinafter called the Borrower, certain artifacts, specimens and associated records, listed in Attachment A, which were collected from the (name of the prehistoric or historic resource) site which is assigned (list site number) site number. The collection was recovered in connection with the (name of the Federal or federally authorized project) project, located in (name of the nearest city or town), (name of the county) county in the State of (name of the State). The Collection is the property of the U.S. Government.

The artifacts, specimens and associated records are being loaned for the purpose of (cite the purpose of the loan), beginning on (month, day and year) and ending on (month, day and year).

During the term of the loan, the Borrower agrees to handle, package and ship or transport the Collection in a manner that protects it from breakage, loss, deterioration and contamination, in conformance with the regulation 36 CFR part 79 for the curation of federally-owned and administered archeological collections and the terms and conditions stipulated in Attachment B to this loan agreement.

The Borrower agrees to assume full responsibility for insuring the Collection or for providing funds for the repair or replacement of objects that are damaged or lost during transit and while in the Borrower's possession. Within five (5) days of discovery, the Borrower will notify the Repository of instances and circumstances surrounding any loss of, deterioration and damage to, or destruction of the Collection and will, at the direction of the Repository, take steps to conserve damaged materials.

The Borrower agrees to acknowledge and credit the U.S. Government and the Repository in any exhibits or publications resulting from the loan. The credit line shall read as follows: “Courtesy of the (names of the Federal agency and the Repository).” The Borrower agrees to provide the Repository and the (name of the Federal agency) with copies of any resulting publications.

Upon termination of this agreement, the Borrower agrees to properly package and ship or transport the Collection to the Repository.

Either party may terminate this agreement, effective not less than (number of days) days after receipt by the other party of written notice, without further liability to either party.

Signed: (signature of the Repository Official)
Date: (date)
Signed: (signature of the Borrower)
Date: (date)

Attachment A: Inventory of the Objects being Loaned.

Attachment B: Terms and Conditions of the Loan.