38 CFR § 21.142 - Adult basic education.

§ 21.142 Adult basic education.

(a) Definition. The term adult basic education means an instructional program for the undereducated adult planned around those basic and specific skills most needed to help him or her to function adequately in society.

(b) Purposes. The purposes of providing adult basic education are to:

(1) Upgrade a veteran's basic educational skills;

(2) Provide refresher training; or

(3) Remedy deficiencies which prevent the veteran from undertaking a course of education or vocational training.

(c) Periods during which basic adult education may be provided. Basic adult education may be authorized, as necessary, during;

(1) Rehabilitation to the point of employability;

(2) Extended evaluation; and

(3) Independent living services.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3104(a)(1))