38 CFR § 21.146 - Independent instructor course.

§ 21.146 Independent instructor course.

(a) Definition. An independent instructor course is a full-time course of vocational training which the veteran pursues with an individual instructor, who, independently of a training institution or on-job training establishment, furnishes and conducts a vocational course at a suitable place of training.

(b) Limitations on including an independent instructor course in a rehabilitation plan. A veteran and his or her case manager may include an independent instructor course in a rehabilitation plan, other than one involving a farm cooperative program, only when either or both of the following conditions exist:

(1) Training is not available through an established school, on-job training establishment, rehabilitation facility or sheltered workshop within a reasonable commuting distance from the veteran's home; or

(2) The veteran's condition or other circumstances do not permit the veteran to attend an otherwise suitable facility within commuting distance. See § 21.126.

(c) Training in the home. Training in the home is a specialized type of independent instructor course which the veteran pursues in his or her home if:

(1) He or she is unable to pursue training at an otherwise suitable facility because of the effects of his or her disability;

(2) Based on proper medical opinion, the veteran is able to pursue the prescribed training; and

(3) The veteran's home provides a favorable educational environment with adequate work and study space.

(d) Planning an individual instructor course. The case manager, the veteran, and the instructor should jointly plan the training program for a veteran for whom an independent instructor course is prescribed.

(e) Assuring employment. Since the customary channels leading to employment may not be readily available to a veteran requiring an individual instructor course, the IEAP (Individual Employment Assistance Plan) shall indicate thorough consideration of plans and prospects for seeking and obtaining employment, including self-employment, upon completion of training.

(f) Rate of pursuit. A veteran in an independent instructor program shall pursue training at a rate comparable to the rate at which similar training is pursued on an institutional basis, unless the veteran's work tolerance is reduced by the effects of his or her disability.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3104(a)(7))