38 CFR § 21.212 - General policy in furnishing supplies during periods of rehabilitation.

§ 21.212 General policy in furnishing supplies during periods of rehabilitation.

(a) Furnishing necessary supplies during a period of rehabilitation services. A veteran will be furnished supplies that are necessary for a program of rehabilitation services. For example, a veteran training in a school will be furnished the supplies needed to pursue the school course. If additional supplies are subsequently needed to secure employment, they will be furnished during the period of employment services as provided in § 21.214(d).

(b) Determining supplies needed during a period of rehabilitation. Subject to the provisions of §§ 21.210 through 21.220, VA will authorize only those supplies which are required:

(1) To be used by similarly circumstanced non-disabled persons in the same training or employment situation;

(2) To mitigate or compensate for the effects of the veteran's disability while he or she is being evaluated, trained or assisted in gaining employment; or

(3) To allow the veteran to function more independently and thereby lessen his or her dependence on others for assistance.

(c) When supplies may be authorized. Supplies should generally be authorized subsequent to the date of enrollment in training or beginning date of other rehabilitation services unless there are compelling reasons to authorize them earlier. Supplies may not be authorized earlier than the date the veteran's rehabilitation plan is approved by VA and the veteran is accepted by the facility or individual providing services.

(d) Supplies needed, but not specifically required. VA may determine that an item, such as a calculator, while not required by the school for the pursuit of a particular school subject, is nevertheless necessary for the veteran to successfully pursue his or her program under the provisions of § 21.156 pertaining to incidental goods and services. The item may be authorized if:

(1) It is generally owned and used by students pursuing the course; and

(2) Students who do not have the item would be placed at a distinct disadvantage in pursuing the course.

(e) Supplies for special projects and theses. The amount of supplies that VA may authorize for special projects, including theses, may not exceed the amount generally needed by similarly circumstanced nonveterans in meeting course or thesis requirements.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3104(a))

(f) Responsibility for authorization of supplies. The case manager is responsible for the authorization of supplies, subject to requirements for prior approval contained in § 21.258 and other instructions governing payment of program charges.

(Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3106(e))
[49 FR 40814, Oct. 18, 1984, as amended at 88 FR 84240, Dec. 5, 2023]