38 CFR § 21.4213 - Notice of hearing by Committee on Educational Allowances.

§ 21.4213 Notice of hearing by Committee on Educational Allowances.

(a) Content of hearing notice. In any case referred to the Committee on Educational Allowances for consideration, a hearing will be held. If, as provided in § 21.4212(b), the educational institution has timely notified the Committee of its intent to participate in the hearing, the educational institution will be notified by certified letter from the Chairperson of the date when the hearing will be held. This hearing notification will inform the educational institution of -

(1) The time and place of the hearing;

(2) The matters to be considered;

(3) The right of the educational institution to appear at the hearing with representation by counsel, to present witnesses, to offer testimony, to present arguments, and/or to submit a written statement or brief; and

(4) The complete hearing rules and procedures.

(b) Expenses connected with hearing. The notice also will inform the educational institution that VA will not pay any expenses incurred by the educational institution resulting from its participation in the hearing, including the expenses of counsel or witnesses on behalf of the educational institution.

(c) Publication of hearing notice. Notice of the hearing will be published in the Federal Register, which will constitute notice to any interested individuals, and will indicate that, while such individuals may attend and observe the hearing, they may not participate unless called as witnesses by VA or the educational institution.

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