38 CFR § 26.7 - VA environmental decision making and documents.

§ 26.7 VA environmental decision making and documents.

(a) Relevant environmental documents shall accompany other decision documents as they proceed through the decision-making process.

(b) The major decision points for VA actions, by which time the necessary environmental documents must be completed, are as follows:

(1) Leases. Prior to execution of lease agreement.

(2) Grants. Prior to notification of grant award.

(3) Policy. Prior to final approval of a policy which substantially alters agency programs and which affects the human environment.

(4) Legislative proposals. Included in any recommendation or report to Congress on a legislative proposal which would affect the environment. The document must be available in time for Congressional hearings and deliberations.

(5) Major, minor, minor miscellaneous delegated projects, and non-recurring maintenance projects. Prior to contract award for working drawings or prior to in-house initiation of working drawings. If the Secretary of Veterans Affairs or designee makes a finding of compelling need, working drawings may commence prior to completion of the environmental compliance process. However, this will not preclude completion of environmental compliance prior to construction.

(6) Land acquisition for development. Prior to the Secretary's acceptance of custody and accountability (for Federal lands), or acceptance of offer to donate or contract for purchase (for private lands).

(c) Where emergency circumstances make it necessary to take an action with significant environmental impact without observing the provisions of these regulations, VA must act in accordance with CEQ Regulations, 40 CFR 1506.11.

(Authority: 42 U.S.C. 4321-4370a)
[51 FR 37182, Oct. 20, 1986, as amended at 54 FR 34987, Aug. 23, 1989]