38 CFR § 26.8 - Assistance to applicants.

§ 26.8 Assistance to applicants.

(a) The CEQ Regulations (40 CFR 1501.2(d)) provide for advising of private applicants or other non-Federal groups when VA involvement in a particular action is reasonably foreseeable. Such foreseeable actions involve application to a VA element by private persons, States, and local agencies and pertain primarily to permits, leases, requests for financial assistance, grants, and related actions involving the use of VA real property.

(b) VA involvement may be reasonably foreseeable when the following actions are initiated by non-Federal groups:

(1) Easements and rights-of-way on VA land;

(2) Petroleum, grazing, and timber leases;

(3) Permits, license, and other use agreements or grants of real property for use by non-VA groups; and,

(4) Application for grants-in-aid for acquisition, construction, expansion or improvement of state veterans' health care facilities or cemeteries.

(c) Public notices or other means used to inform or solicit applicants for permits, leases, or related actions will describe the environmental documents, studies or information foreseeably required for later action by VA elements and will advise of the assistance available to applicants by VA element.

(d) When VA owned land is leased or otherwise provided to non-VA groups, VA element affected will initiate the NEPA process pursuant to these regulations.

(e) When VA grant funds are requested by a State agency, VA element affected will initiate the NEPA process and ensure compliance with VA environmental program. The environmental documents prepared by the grant applicant shall assure full compliance with State and local regulations as well as NEPA before the proposed action is approved.

(Authority: 42 U.S.C. 43214370a)