38 CFR § 36.4701 - Definitions.

§ 36.4701 Definitions.

(a) Act means the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended (42 U.S.C. 4001-4129).

(b) Secretary means the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

(c) Building means a walled and roofed structure, other than a gas or liquid storage tank, that is principally above ground and affixed to a permanent site, and a walled and roofed structure while in the course of construction, alteration, or repair.

(d) Community means a State or a political subdivision of a State that has zoning and building code jurisdiction over a particular area having special flood hazards.

(e) Designated loan means a loan secured by a building or mobile home that is located or to be located in a special flood hazard area in which flood insurance is available under the Act.

(f) Director of FEMA means the Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

(g) Mobile home means a structure, transportable in one or more sections, that is built on a permanent chassis and designed for use with or without a permanent foundation when attached to the required utilities. The term mobile home does not include a recreational vehicle. For purposes of this part, the term mobile home means a mobile home on a permanent foundation. The term mobile home includes a manufactured home as that term is used in the NFIP.

(h) NFIP means the National Flood Insurance Program authorized under the Act.

(i) Residential improved real estate means real estate upon which a home or other residential building is located or to be located.

(j) Servicer means the person responsible for:

(1) Receiving any scheduled, periodic payments from a borrower under the terms of a loan, including amounts for taxes, insurance premiums, and other charges with respect to the property securing the loan; and

(2) Making payments of principal and interest and any other payments from the amounts received from the borrower as may be required under the terms of the loan.

(k) Special flood hazard area means the land in the flood plain within a community having at least a one percent chance of flooding in any given year, as designated by the Director of FEMA.

(Authority: 42 U.S.C. 4012a, 4104a, 4104b, 4106 and 4128)
[62 FR 5532, Feb. 6, 1997]