40 CFR § 1037.130 - Assembly instructions for secondary vehicle manufacturers.

§ 1037.130 Assembly instructions for secondary vehicle manufacturers.
Link to an amendment published at 88 FR 4638, Jan. 24, 2023.

(a) If you sell a certified incomplete vehicle to a secondary vehicle manufacturer, give the secondary vehicle manufacturer instructions for completing vehicle assembly consistent with the requirements of this part. Include all information necessary to ensure that the final vehicle assembly (including the engine for vehicles other than trailers) will be in its certified configuration.

(b) Make sure these instructions have the following information:

(1) Include the heading: “Emission-related installation instructions”.

(2) State: “Failing to follow these instructions when completing assembly of a heavy-duty motor vehicle violates federal law, subject to fines or other penalties as described in the Clean Air Act.”

(3) Describe the necessary steps for installing any diagnostic system required under 40 CFR part 86.

(4) Describe how your certification is limited for any type of application, as illustrated in the following examples:

(i) If the incomplete vehicle is at or below 8,500 pounds GVWR, state that the vehicle's certification is valid under this part 1037 only if the final configuration has a vehicle curb weight above 6,000 pounds or basic vehicle frontal area above 45 square feet.

(ii) If your engine will be installed in a vehicle that you certify to meet diurnal emission standards using an evaporative canister, but you do not install the fuel tank, identify the maximum permissible fuel tank capacity.

(5) Describe any other instructions to make sure the vehicle will operate according to design specifications in your application for certification.

(c) Provide instructions in writing or in an equivalent format. You may include this information with the incomplete vehicle document required by DOT. If you do not provide the instructions in writing, explain in your application for certification how you will ensure that each installer is informed of the installation requirements.