40 CFR § 1037.135 - Labeling.

§ 1037.135 Labeling.
Link to an amendment published at 88 FR 4638, Jan. 24, 2023.

(a) Assign each vehicle a unique identification number and permanently affix, engrave, or stamp it on the vehicle in a legible way. The vehicle identification number (VIN) serves this purpose.

(b) At the time of manufacture, affix a permanent and legible label identifying each vehicle. The label must meet the requirements of 40 CFR 1068.45.

(c) The label must -


(2) Include your full corporate name and trademark. You may identify another company and use its trademark instead of yours if you comply with the branding provisions of 40 CFR 1068.45.

(3) Include EPA's standardized designation for the vehicle family.

(4) [Reserved]

(5) State the date of manufacture [DAY (optional), MONTH, and YEAR]. You may omit this from the label if you stamp, engrave, or otherwise permanently identify it elsewhere on the vehicle, in which case you must also describe in your application for certification where you will identify the date on the vehicle.

(6) Identify the emission control system. Use terms and abbreviations as described in Appendix III to this part or other applicable conventions. Phase 2 tractors and Phase 2 vocational vehicles may omit this information.

(7) Identify any requirements for fuel and lubricants that do not involve fuel-sulfur levels.


(9) If you rely on another company to design and install fuel tanks in incomplete vehicles that use an evaporative canister for controlling diurnal emissions, include the following statement: “THIS VEHICLE IS DESIGNED TO COMPLY WITH EVAPORATIVE EMISSION STANDARDS WITH UP TO x GALLONS OF FUEL TANK CAPACITY.” Complete this statement by identifying the maximum specified fuel tank capacity associated with your certification.

(d) You may add information to the emission control information label as follows:

(1) You may identify other emission standards that the vehicle meets or does not meet (such as European standards).

(2) You may add other information to ensure that the vehicle will be properly maintained and used.

(3) You may add appropriate features to prevent counterfeit labels. For example, you may include the vehicle's unique identification number on the label.

(e) You may ask us to approve modified labeling requirements in this part 1037 if you show that it is necessary or appropriate. We will approve your request if your alternate label is consistent with the requirements of this part.

[81 FR 74048, Oct. 25, 2016, as amended at 86 FR 34460, June 29, 2021]