40 CFR § 1037.315 - Audit procedures related to powertrain testing.

§ 1037.315 Audit procedures related to powertrain testing.

(a) For vehicles certified based on powertrain testing as specified in § 1037.550, we may apply the selective enforcement audit requirements to the powertrain. If engine manufacturers perform the powertrain testing and include those results in their certification under 40 CFR part 1036, they are responsible for selective enforcement audits related to those results. Otherwise, the certificate holder for the vehicle is responsible for the selective enforcement audit.

(b) The following provisions apply for a selective enforcement audit with respect to powertrain testing:

(1) A selective enforcement audit for powertrains would generally consist of performing a test with the complete powertrain (engine and transmission together). We may alternatively allow you to test the engine on a dynamometer with no installed transmission as described in § 1037.551.

(2) Recreate a set of test results for each of three separate powertrains. Generate GEM results for each of the configurations that are defined as the centers of each group of four points that define a boundary of cycle work and average powertrain speed divided by average vehicle speed, for each of the three selected powertrains. See 40 CFR 1036.301(b)(2) for an example on how these points are defined. Each unique map for a given configuration with a particular powertrain constitutes a separate test for purposes of evaluating whether the vehicle family meets the pass-fail criteria under 40 CFR 1068.420. The test result for a single test run in the audit is considered passing if it is at or below the value selected as an input for GEM. Perform testing with the same GEM configurations for additional powertrains as needed to reach a pass-fail decision under 40 CFR 1068.240.