40 CFR § 1090.1340 - Preparing a hand blend from BOB.

§ 1090.1340 Preparing a hand blend from BOB.

(a) If you produce or import BOB and instruct downstream blenders to add oxygenate, you must meet the requirements of this subpart by blending oxygenate that reflects the anticipated sulfur content and benzene content of the oxygenate for blending into a BOB sample. To do this, prepare each hand blend by adding oxygenate to the BOB sample in a way that corresponds to your instructions to downstream blenders for the sampled batch of fuel. Prepare a hand blend as follows:

(1) Take steps to avoid introducing high or low bias in sulfur content when selecting from available samples to prepare the hand blend. For example, if there are three samples with discrete sulfur measurements, select the sample with the mid-range sulfur content. In other cases, randomly select the sample.

(2) If your instructions allow for a downstream blender to add more than one type or concentration of oxygenate, prepare the hand blend as follows:

(i) For summer gasoline intended for blending with ethanol, use the lowest specified ethanol blend.

(ii) For all winter gasoline and for summer gasoline intended for blending only with oxygenate other than ethanol, use the lowest specified oxygenate concentration, regardless of the type of oxygenate.

(iii) As an example, if you give instructions for a given batch of BOB to perform downstream blending to make E10, E15, and an 8 percent blend with butanol, prepare a hand blend for testing winter gasoline with 8 percent butanol, and prepare an E10 hand blend for testing summer gasoline.

(b) Prepare the hand blend using the procedures specified in ASTM D7717 (incorporated by reference in § 1090.95). The hand blend must have an amount of oxygenate that does not exceed the oxygenate concentration specified on the PTD for the BOB under § 1090.1110(b)(1).