40 CFR § 1090.800 - General provisions.

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§ 1090.800 General provisions.

(a) Who must register. The following parties must register with EPA prior to engaging in any activity under this part:

(1) Fuel manufacturers, including:

(i) Gasoline manufacturers.

(ii) Diesel fuel manufacturers.

(iii) ECA marine fuel manufacturers.

(iv) Certified butane blenders.

(v) Certified pentane blenders.

(vi) Transmix processors.

(2) Oxygenate blenders.

(3) Oxygenate producers, including DFE producers.

(4) Certified pentane producers.

(5) Certified ethanol denaturant producers.

(6) Distributors, carriers, and pipeline operators that are part of the 500 ppm LM fuel distribution chain under a compliance plan submitted under § 1090.515(g).

(7) Independent surveyors.

(8) Auditors.

(9) Third parties that submit reports on behalf of any regulated party under this part. Such parties must register and associate their registration with the regulated party for whom they are reporting.

(b) Dates for registration. The deadlines for registration are as follows:

(1) New registrants. Except as specified in paragraph (b)(2) of this section, a party not currently registered with EPA must register with EPA no later than 60 days in advance of the first date that such party engages in any activity under this part requiring registration under paragraph (a) of this section.

(2) Existing registrants. Any party that is already registered with EPA under 40 CFR part 80 as of January 1, 2021, is deemed to be registered for purposes of this part, except that such party is responsible for reviewing and updating their registration information consistent with the requirements of this part, as specified in paragraph (c) of this section.

(c) Updates to registration. A registered party must submit updated registration information to EPA within 30 days of any occasion when the registration information previously supplied becomes incomplete or inaccurate.

(d) RCO submission. Registration information must be submitted by an RCO. The RCO may delegate responsibility to a person who is familiar with the requirements of this part and who is no lower in the organization than a fuel manufacturing facility manager, or equivalent.

(e) Forms and procedures for registration. All registrants must use forms and procedures specified by EPA.

(f) Company and facility identification. EPA will provide registrants with company and facility identifiers to be used for recordkeeping and reporting under this part.

(g) English language. Registration information submitted to EPA must be in English.