40 CFR § 1090.805 - Contents of registration.

§ 1090.805 Contents of registration.

(a) General information required for all registrants. A party required to register under this part must submit all the following general information to EPA:

(1) Company information. For the company of the party, all the following information:

(i) The company name.

(ii) Company address, which must be the physical address of the business (i.e., not a post office box).

(iii) Mailing address, if different from company address.

(iv) Name, title, telephone number, and email address of an RCO.

(2) Facility information. For each separate facility, all the following information:

(i) The facility name.

(ii) The physical location of the facility.

(iii) A contact name, email address, and telephone number for the facility.

(iv) The type of facility.

(3) Location of records. For each separate facility, or for each importer's operations in a single PADD, all the following information:

(i) Whether records are kept on-site or off-site of the facility, or for an importer, the registered address.

(ii) If records are kept off-site, the primary off-site storage name, physical location, contact name, and telephone number.

(4) Activities. A description of the activities that are engaged in by the company and its facilities (e.g., refining, importing, etc.).

(b) Additional information required for certified pentane producers. In addition to the information in paragraph (a) of this section, a certified pentane producer must also submit the following information:

(1) A description of the production facility that demonstrates that the facility is capable of producing certified pentane that is compliant with the requirements of this part without significant modifications to the existing facility.

(2) A description of how certified pentane will be shipped from the production facility to the certified pentane blender(s) and the associated quality assurance practices that demonstrate that contamination during distribution can be adequately controlled so as not to cause certified pentane to be in violation of the standards in this part.