40 CFR § 141.700 - General requirements.

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§ 141.700 General requirements.

(a) The requirements of this subpart W are national primary drinking water regulations. The regulations in this subpart establish or extend treatment technique requirements in lieu of maximum contaminant levels for Cryptosporidium. These requirements are in addition to requirements for filtration and disinfection in subparts H, P, and T of this part.

(b) Applicability. The requirements of this subpart apply to all subpart H systems, which are public water systems supplied by a surface water source and public water systems supplied by a ground water source under the direct influence of surface water.

(1) Wholesale systems, as defined in § 141.2, must comply with the requirements of this subpart based on the population of the largest system in the combined distribution system.

(2) The requirements of this subpart for filtered systems apply to systems required by National Primary Drinking Water Regulations to provide filtration treatment, whether or not the system is currently operating a filtration system.

(3) The requirements of this subpart for unfiltered systems apply only to unfiltered systems that timely met and continue to meet the filtration avoidance criteria in subparts H, P, and T of this part, as applicable.

(c) Requirements. Systems subject to this subpart must comply with the following requirements:

(1) Systems must conduct an initial and a second round of source water monitoring for each plant that treats a surface water or GWUDI source. This monitoring may include sampling for Cryptosporidium, E. coli, and turbidity as described in §§ 141.701 through 141.706, to determine what level, if any, of additional Cryptosporidium treatment they must provide.

(2) Systems that plan to make a significant change to their disinfection practice must develop disinfection profiles and calculate disinfection benchmarks, as described in §§ 141.708 through 141.709.

(3) Filtered systems must determine their Cryptosporidium treatment bin classification as described in § 141.710 and provide additional treatment for Cryptosporidium, if required, as described in § 141.711. All unfiltered systems must provide treatment for Cryptosporidium as described in § 141.712. Filtered and unfiltered systems must implement Cryptosporidium treatment according to the schedule in § 141.713.

(4) Systems with uncovered finished water storage facilities must comply with the requirements to cover the facility or treat the discharge from the facility as described in § 141.714.

(5) Systems required to provide additional treatment for Cryptosporidium must implement microbial toolbox options that are designed and operated as described in §§ 141.715 through 141.720.

(6) Systems must comply with the applicable recordkeeping and reporting requirements described in §§ 141.721 through 141.722.

(7) Systems must address significant deficiencies identified in sanitary surveys performed by EPA as described in § 141.723.

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