40 CFR § 141.851 - General.

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§ 141.851 General.

(a) General. The provisions of this subpart include both maximum contaminant level and treatment technique requirements.

(b) Applicability. The provisions of this subpart apply to all public water systems.

(c) Compliance date. Systems must comply with the provisions of this subpart beginning April 1, 2016, unless otherwise specified in this subpart.

(d) Implementation with EPA as State. Systems falling under direct oversight of EPA, where EPA acts as the State, must comply with decisions made by EPA for implementation of subpart Y. EPA has authority to establish such procedures and criteria as are necessary to implement subpart Y.

(e) Violations of national primary drinking water regulations. Failure to comply with the applicable requirements of §§ 141.851 through 141.861, including requirements established by the State pursuant to these provisions, is a violation of the national primary drinking water regulations under subpart Y.