40 CFR § 146.91 - Reporting requirements.

§ 146.91 Reporting requirements.

The owner or operator must, at a minimum, provide, as specified in paragraph (e) of this section, the following reports to the Director, for each permitted Class VI well:

(a) Semi-annual reports containing:

(1) Any changes to the physical, chemical, and other relevant characteristics of the carbon dioxide stream from the proposed operating data;

(2) Monthly average, maximum, and minimum values for injection pressure, flow rate and volume, and annular pressure;

(3) A description of any event that exceeds operating parameters for annulus pressure or injection pressure specified in the permit;

(4) A description of any event which triggers a shut-off device required pursuant to § 146.88(e) and the response taken;

(5) The monthly volume and/or mass of the carbon dioxide stream injected over the reporting period and the volume injected cumulatively over the life of the project;

(6) Monthly annulus fluid volume added; and

(7) The results of monitoring prescribed under § 146.90.

(b) Report, within 30 days, the results of:

(1) Periodic tests of mechanical integrity;

(2) Any well workover; and,

(3) Any other test of the injection well conducted by the permittee if required by the Director.

(c) Report, within 24 hours:

(1) Any evidence that the injected carbon dioxide stream or associated pressure front may cause an endangerment to a USDW;

(2) Any noncompliance with a permit condition, or malfunction of the injection system, which may cause fluid migration into or between USDWs;

(3) Any triggering of a shut-off system (i.e., down-hole or at the surface);

(4) Any failure to maintain mechanical integrity; or.

(5) Pursuant to compliance with the requirement at § 146.90(h) for surface air/soil gas monitoring or other monitoring technologies, if required by the Director, any release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere or biosphere.

(d) Owners or operators must notify the Director in writing 30 days in advance of:

(1) Any planned well workover;

(2) Any planned stimulation activities, other than stimulation for formation testing conducted under § 146.82; and

(3) Any other planned test of the injection well conducted by the permittee.

(e) Regardless of whether a State has primary enforcement responsibility, owners or operators must submit all required reports, submittals, and notifications under subpart H of this part to EPA in an electronic format approved by EPA.

(f) Records shall be retained by the owner or operator as follows:

(1) All data collected under § 146.82 for Class VI permit applications shall be retained throughout the life of the geologic sequestration project and for 10 years following site closure.

(2) Data on the nature and composition of all injected fluids collected pursuant to § 146.90(a) shall be retained until 10 years after site closure. The Director may require the owner or operator to deliver the records to the Director at the conclusion of the retention period.

(3) Monitoring data collected pursuant to § 146.90(b) through (i) shall be retained for 10 years after it is collected.

(4) Well plugging reports, post-injection site care data, including, if appropriate, data and information used to develop the demonstration of the alternative post-injection site care timeframe, and the site closure report collected pursuant to requirements at §§ 146.93(f) and (h) shall be retained for 10 years following site closure.

(5) The Director has authority to require the owner or operator to retain any records required in this subpart for longer than 10 years after site closure.