40 CFR § 172.6 - Labeling.

§ 172.6 Labeling.

(a) Contents. Except as provided by paragraph (b) of this section, all pesticides shipped or used under an experimental use permit shall be labeled with directions and conditions for use which shall include the following:

(1) The prominent statement, “For Experimental Use Only”;

(2) The Experimental Use Permit number;

(3) The statement, “Not for sale to any person other than a participant or cooperator of the EPA-approved Experimental Use Program”;

(4) The name, brand, or trademark;

(5) The name and address of the permittee, producer, or registrant;

(6) The net contents;

(7) An ingredient statement;

(8) Warning or caution statements;

(9) Any appropriate limitations on entry of persons into treated areas;

(10) The establishment registration number, except in those cases where application of the pesticide is made solely by the producer; and

(11) The directions for use, except that the Administrator may approve the use of the experimental program as labeling provided that such program is to be distributed with the product.

(b) Supplemental labeling. In the case of a registered pesticide, the Administrator may, at his discretion, permit a pesticide to be used under an experimental use permit with supplemental labeling as approved by him.