40 CFR § 180.355 - Bentazon; tolerances for residues.

§ 180.355 Bentazon; tolerances for residues.

(a) General.

(1) Tolerances are established for residues of bentazon, including its metabolites and degradates, in or on the commodities in the table below. Compliance with the tolerance levels specified below is to be determined by measuring for only the sum of bentazon (3-(1-methylethyl)-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one 2,2-dioxide), 6-hydroxy-3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one 2,2-dioxide, and 8-hydroxy-3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one 2,2-dioxide calculated as the stoichiometric equivalent of bentazon.

Commodity Parts per million
Bean, dry, seed 0.05
Bean, succulent 0.5
Corn, field, forage 3.0
Corn, field, grain 0.05
Corn, field, stover 3.0
Corn, pop, grain 0.05
Corn, sweet, kernel plus cob with husks removed 0.05
Cowpea, forage 10.0
Cowpea, hay 3.0
Flax, seed 1.0
Pea, dry, seed 3
Pea, field, hay 8.0
Pea, field, vines 3.0
Pea, succulent 3.0
Peanut 0.05
Peanut, hay 3.0
Pepper, nonbell 0.05
Peppermint, tops 1.0
Rice, grain 0.05
Rice, hulls 0.25
Sorghum, forage 0.20
Sorghum, grain, grain 0.05
Sorghum, grain, stover 0.05
Soybean, forage 8.0
Soybean, hay 8.0
Soybean, seed 0.05
Spearmint, tops 1.0

(2) Tolerances are established for the combined residues of the herbicide bentazon (3-isopropyl-1H-2,1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one-2,2-dioxide) and its metabolite 2-amino-N-isopropyl benzamide (AIBA) in or on the following food commodities:

Commodity Parts per million
Cattle, fat 0.05
Cattle, meat byproducts 0.05
Cattle, meat 0.05
Egg 0.05
Goat, fat 0.05
Goat, meat byproducts 0.05
Goat, meat 0.05
Hog, fat 0.05
Hog, meat byproducts 0.05
Hog, meat 0.05
Milk 0.02
Poultry, fat 0.05
Poultry, meat byproducts 0.05
Poultry, meat 0.05
Sheep, fat 0.05
Sheep, meat byproducts 0.05
Sheep, meat 0.05

(b) Section 18 emergency exemptions. [Reserved]

(c) Tolerances with regional registrations. Tolerances with regional registration as defined in § 180.1(m), are established for combined residues of the herbicide, bentazon (3-isopropyl-1H-2, 1,3-benzothiadiazin-4(3H)-one-2,2-dioxide) and its 6- and 8-hydroxy metabolites in or on the following food commodities:

Commodity Parts per million
Clover, forage 1.0
Clover, hay 2.0

(d) Indirect or inadvertent residues. [Reserved]

[42 FR 26979, May 26, 1977]
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