40 CFR § 203.2 - Application for certification.

§ 203.2 Application for certification.

(a) Any person desiring certification of a class or model of product under section 15 of the act shall submit to the Administrator an application for certification. The application shall be completed upon such forms as the Administrator may deem appropriate and shall contain:

(1) A description of the product, including its power source, if any;

(2) Information pertaining to the test facility for the product establishing that the test facility meets all requirements which EPA may prescribe;

(3) All noise emission data from the test of the product;

(4) Data required by the Administrator relative, but not limited to, the following characteristics;

(i) Safety;

(ii) Performance Characteristics;

(iii) Reliability of product and reliability of low-noise-emission features;

(iv) Maintenance;

(v) Operating Costs;

(vi) Conformance with Federal Agency Purchase Specifications; and

(5) Such other information as the Administrator may request.

(b) Specific data requirements relative to paragraph (a)(4) of this section will be published separately from the low-noise-emission criterion for that product or class of products.

(c) The Administrator will, immediately upon receipt of the application for certification, publish in the Federal Register a notice of the receipt of the application. The notice will request written comments and documents from interested parties in support of, or in opposition to, certification of the class or model of product under consideration.