40 CFR § 205.58-3 - Instructions for maintenance, use and repair.

§ 205.58-3 Instructions for maintenance, use and repair.


(1) The manufacturer shall provide to the ultimate purchaser of each vehicle covered by this subpart written instructions for the proper maintenance, use and repair of the vehicle in order to provide reasonable assurance of the elimination or minimization of noise emission degradation throughout the life of the vehicle.

(2) The purpose of the instructions is to inform purchasers and mechanics of those acts necessary to reasonably assure that degradation of noise emission level is eliminated or minimized during the life of the vehicle. Manufacturers should prepare the instructions with this purpose in mind. The instructions should be clear and, to the extent practicable, written in nontechnical language.

(3) The instructions must not be used to secure an unfair competitive advantage. They should not restrict replacement equipment to original equipment or service to dealer service. Manufacturers who so restrict replacement equipment should be prepared to make public any performance specifications on such equipment.

(b) For the purpose of encouraging proper maintenance, the manufacturer shall provide a record or log book which shall contain a schedule for the performance of all required noise emission control maintenance. Space shall be provided in this record book so that the purchaser can note what maintenance was done, by whom, where and when.

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