40 CFR § 205.59 - Recall of noncomplying vehicles.

§ 205.59 Recall of noncomplying vehicles.

(a) Pursuant to section 11(d)(1) of the Act, the Administrator may issue an order to the manufacturer to recall and repair or modify any vehicle distributed in commerce not in compliance with this subpart.

(b) A recall order issued pursuant to this section shall be based upon a determination by the Administrator that vehicles of a specified category or configuration have been distributed in commerce which do not conform to the regulations. Such determination may be based on:

(1) A technical analysis of the noise emission characteristics of the category or configuration in question; or

(2) Any other relevant information, including test data.

(c) For the purposes of this section, noise emissions may be measured by any test prescribed in § 205.54 for testing prior to sale or any other test which has been demonstrated to correlate with the prescribed test procedure.

(d) Any such order shall be issued only after notice and an opportunity for a hearing.

(e) All costs, including labor and parts, associated with the recall and repair or modification of non-complying vehicles under this section shall be borne by the manufacturer.

(f) This section shall not limit the discretion of the Administrator to take any other actions which are authorized by the Act.