40 CFR § 233.51 - Waiver of review.

§ 233.51 Waiver of review.

(a) The MOA with the Regional Administrator shall specify the categories of discharge for which EPA will waive Federal review of State permit applications. After program approval, the MOA may be modified to reflect any additions or deletions of categories of discharge for which EPA will waive review. The Regional Administrator shall consult with the Corps, FWS, and NMFS prior to specifying or modifying such categories.

(b) With the following exceptions, any category of discharge is eligible for consideration for waiver:

(1) Draft general permits;

(2) Discharges with reasonable potential for affecting endangered or threatened species as determined by FWS;

(3) Discharges with reasonable potential for adverse impacts on waters of another State;

(4) Discharges known or suspected to contain toxic pollutants in toxic amounts (section 101(a)(3) of the Act) or hazardous substances in reportable quantities (section 311 of the Act);

(5) Discharges located in proximity of a public water supply intake;

(6) Discharges within critical areas established under State or Federal law, including but not limited to National and State parks, fish and wildlife sanctuaries and refuges, National and historical monuments, wilderness areas and preserves, sites identified or proposed under the National Historic Preservation Act, and components of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

(c) The Regional Administrator retains the right to terminate a waiver as to future permit actions at any time by sending the Director written notice of termination.