40 CFR § 233.52 - Program reporting.

§ 233.52 Program reporting.

(a) The starting date for the annual period to be covered by reports shall be established in the Memorandum of Agreement with the Regional Administrator (§ 233.13.)

(b) The Director shall submit to the Regional Administrator within 90 days after completion of the annual period, a draft annual report evaluating the State's administration of its program identifying problems the State has encountered in the administration of its program and recommendations for resolving these problems. Items that shall be addressed in the annual report include an assessment of the cumulative impacts of the State's permit program on the integrity of the State regulated waters; identification of areas of particular concern and/or interest within the State; the number and nature of individual and general permits issued, modified, and denied; number of violations identified and number and nature of enforcement actions taken; number of suspected unauthorized activities reported and nature of action taken; an estimate of extent of activities regulated by general permits; and the number of permit applications received but not yet processed.

(c) The State shall make the draft annual report available for public inspection.

(d) Within 60 days of receipt of the draft annual report, the Regional Administrator will complete review of the draft report and transmit comments, questions, and/or requests for additional evaluation and/or information to the Director.

(e) Within 30 days of receipt of the Regional Administrator's comments, the Director will finalize the annual report, incorporating and/or responding to the Regional Administrator's comments, and transmit the final report to the Regional Administrator.

(f) Upon acceptance of the annual report, the Regional Administrator shall publish notice of availability of the final annual report.